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More than helpful, in fact he was a person that is rare to find these days, well mannered, profession

I came across the LPO Adviser website by accident!

A friend & I got sick of working our butts off for other people. We decided to look at a business of our own that we could run together. She happened to mention to me that she had heard that the local post office was for sale and thought that we should check it out. I was under the impression that post office’s were a government owned & run business. I had no idea that you could purchase one.

As I was not sure how to go about this type of purchase, I started to research on the internet & came across the website known as “The LPO Adviser”. After reading all the material on the website it got me thinking that perhaps there was a post office out there for us. I emailed the website and got a very prompt reply form a person who was ever so helpful and offered advice on LPO’s.

After taking to my husband about a post office he suggested buying our very own post office. “We can do it, we are both hard workers & friendly go lucky type of couple” was my husband’s exact words. Anyway that was the start. From then we contacted a business broker to enquiry about LPO’s in our area. We managed to get information on a couple that we liked. We then arranged a meeting with the broker so that we could get the ball rolling.

I got back in contact with the LPO Adviser. A gentleman by the name of Juen called me back on and spoke with me at great lengths about the proposed purchase. Juen was more than helful, in fact he was a person that is rare to find these days, well mannered, professional and ever so helpful. His advice and recommendations assisted us with our proposal to purchase the LPO.
Juen worked on our case over a number of nights and was always available to talk to us. I found Juen to be genuinely interested in trying to do what was best for us in making sure that we got the best price for the business. I hope that we are successful in purchasing a LPO in the not too distant future. We will definitely be engaging the services of Juen as our accountant if all goes to plan.

I would thoroughly recommend Juen to anyone who is looking to purchase a LPO, just make sure you speak to him before you sign on that dotted line.

Thanks for your help, Juen

Cath (now owner of Mundijong LPO, WA)

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