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The LPO Advisor

The LPO Advisor


For Existing Post Office Owners

  • Have you ever wondered how your Post Office performs compared to the other Post Offices?
  • Are you giving away profits by not adequately marking up your products?
  • Ever wondered what your Margin of Safety was?

For Potential Post Office Owners

  • Want to have a clear picture of the Post Office industry before you buy?
  • Ever wondered if you can realistically replace your current income?
  • Want to know what growth opportunities exist in Post Offices?

Growing your Post Office in today’s business climate requires you to spend more time working on your business rather than in the business.

Our LPO Benchmark Report contain valuable information and insight on the Post Office industry and what you need to improve your bottom line.

How do you get it for FREE?

The 2007 LPO Benchmark Report is available FREE by clicking here.

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