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Here are 10 reasons why you should consider us and what can you expect from us.

1. Independent Due Diligence Advice : If engaged to provide due diligence advice, we work for YOU not the seller or the broker. You will never have to second guess where our loyalty lies.

2. Honest : we tell you a realistic picture of the LPO industry. Our job isn’t to paint you a blue sky picture or sugar coat the industry. We want to give you an honest upfront picture so that you understand what you are getting into and more importantly, what you need to do to be successful.

3. Ethical : we will tell you upfront if there is a conflict of interest and can’t advise you. This will occur if we are the accountant for the selling party and therefore cannot act for the purchasing party.

4. Fixed Prices : we believe in quoting you upfront for all work done so there is not any surprises at the end.

5. Proactive : we believe our growth lies in your growth. We will always be in your ear wanting to discuss ways to increase profitability, increase the value of your LPO and more.

6. Accessible : we are happy to receive your call any time of day. In fact, we have a special after hours service just for LPO owners. We understand how difficult it is to see your accountant during business hours.

7. Giving back to the LPO community : we donate thousands of dollars of time assisting LPO owners on various matters without charge. We do this because we are to support the industry who supports us. Only through assisting LPOs grow profitably into the future are we able align our interests with yours.

8.  We understand LPOs : we believe there is no other accountant in Australia who understand the LPO industry as much as we have or have invested as much into industry as we have.

9.  Australia Wide Service : if you have access to the internet, then we can service you. Gone are the days when you actually need to sit face to face with your accountant. The majority of our satisfied clients are from interstate. Technology allows us to communicate with you as if you were sitting in our office face to face.

10.  Easy to Understand Advice : We take out the technical and complex jargon to provide advice which you can understand. When you walk away from a meeting you will feel you knew exactly what was being said and felt you got really great advice!

Have a read of our testimonials of our happy clients which we have all around Australia.

We will be happy to make your dream come true of buying  a post office in 2020.

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