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Want an Accountant Who Specialises in Post Offices?

We are accountants who understand the business of Licensed Post Offices, and we provide professional services to the Post Office industry.

How the LPO Advisor can help you:

  • Looking for a Post Office Business For Sale or to buy one? We can help you with your due diligence
  • Are you a Post Office Owner looking to sell your business? We can help you get your business for sale
  • Are you are Post Office Owner and want to improve your profitability? We can help by sharing with you what the best performing Post Office Owners are doing right now.
  • Don’t Know what is the best way to structure your business? We can help provide structuring advice.
  • Want end of year tax returns and financial statements prepared? We are qualified Chartered Accountants and provide a full range of accounting and business services to help.

Please spend time to read the free information which can be found on this website.  Not only will you get some valuable information, but you will also learn more about our philosophy and approach to help Post Office owners

FREE LPO Benchmark Report (worth $250)
Click here for more information on how you can get a copy of our LPO Benchmark Report for free.

Read Our Testimonials:

“At last, an accountant who understands our business and can read a LIPOMs statement!”

The LPO Advisor has been available to assist me any day of the week and outside of normal trading hours too, which has been invaluable to me as I am so far away from the city.

My previous accountant did not understand my business and made several errors each year. I had to spend my valuable time trying to explain to him where the problem was……….

“The LPO Advisor is helping me grow my two LPO’s by challenging me to look at my business from different perspectives. I am glad to have finally found an accountant who understands the LPO industry. I encourage all LPO owners to contact him and participate … ” Read More >

“Being new to the world of post offices, we spent a good length of time and money receiving advice that was neither relevant nor detailed and in some cases quite inaccurate.

Then we found The LPO Advisor.

We found The LPO Advisor to be extremely knowledgeable about all things LPO and very willing to share his knowledge and experiences to make our job easier.

His enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to help ….. ” Read More >

“While looking to purchase a new business, I came across the website of The LPO Advisor. Having little knowledge of the Post Office Industry I decided to contact them by e-mail.

His prompt reply and professional manner caused me to delve further and I spoke with him by telephone.

The LPO Advisor helped my husband and I with much insight into the Postal Industry as he guided us through the investigation and even negotiation phases, of purchasing the business.

When we had arranged an inspection of the business at short notice, The LPO Advisor went over and above the call of duty and stayed up 1/2 the night to analyse the figures ……” Read More >

“I recently had the good fortune of utilizing the professional services of The LPO Advisor and have no hesitation in recommending his services particularly in the area of LPOs.

The acute knowledge of this field provided exemplary “Due Diligence” whilst I was investigating a particular outlet. The insight he provided into the profitability of the enterprise was matched by his fervour which I found to be inspiring and gave the impression of dealing with a specialist rather than just another accountant ….. ” Read More >

Helping clients buy a Post Office Business For Sale is what we love and we do it really well.

Want to buy a LPO?
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